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Munir has no intention of leaving Barcelona in January

Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:44 am

The renewal between Munir and Barcelona continues to be no closer to agreement, although in recent days there have been talks between the two parties, and the player himself is loathe to เล่น บอลleave the club in the next window.Francisco Valdivieso, Munir's representative,เล่น บอล has presented to the technical department the conditions for which the player would renew, and he's waiting for an answer.Barcelona aren't willing to pay what the player asks, while he is adamant that he is not being valued as he deserves.The problem for the Catalans is that from the first of January, Munir can freely negotiate with any club.He wants to stay at the club for now and to try to reach a renewal agreement, but if not, he will go for free in June.เล่น บอล