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D'Onofrio: I've had a terrible time, receiving death threats against myself and my family

Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:00 am

Experiencing one of the most tense moments since he came to the presidency of River Plate, Rodolfo D'Onofrio (Buenos Aires, 04/15/1947) has received hundreds of death threats.Disappointed with the image of Argentina, he hopes that these days mark เล่น บอลa before and after in Argentine football and its society. He spoke to MARCA in the hours leading up to the grand final, confident that there will be no violence.What are your hopes for the final? "You have to turn the page after everything that has happened. We are already in Madrid and we are trying to concentrate on the match. We want it to be a party atmosphere and understand that it is a game, it's not about the death of anyone. Both teams are representations of what is the Argentine's passion for football.เล่น บอล I hope you see a real show and not what's happened over the last days."What is River Plate?"River are one of the two largest football clubs in Argentina and goes beyond the city of Buenos Aires. We are nationally supported because throughout the country we find fans. It goes beyond football, because in our club we practice more than 50 sports: hockey, gymnastics, skating, swimming, etc. We have daycare, elementary school, high school, etc. There are 1300 students and we are also the first football club to have a university. We take care of the education of the boys. River is something very big."เล่น บอล